How to Write a Goal Statement for Cosmetology

Do you specialize in cutting hair? Be sure to say so in your goal statement.
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Whether you are applying for a job or updating your resume, a well-written and action-oriented goal statement will help you stand out from other applicants. To make the most of your goal statement, be specific and back up your achievements with your successes and skills as a cosmetologist. To land your dream job, use marketing touches like color and fresh, crisp language to make the most of your cosmetologist resume.

Discuss Career Goals

    When it comes to articulating your goal statement, start by honing in on your career goals. Think about where you want to be within the next one to five years and jot down your ideas. No matter what your goals are, it’s important to communicate your aspirations as they relate to the job at hand. For example, if you've spent time renting a station but want to transition into management, create a goal statement that focuses on your time management skills and ability to bring in new clients. Be specific to your career as a cosmetologist and the job to which you are applying.

Avoid Writing an Objective

    When writing your goal statement, don’t confuse it with your resume objective. Objectives are now considered outdated and should generally be omitted from a resume or job application. Instead, use your goal statement to conclude your resume. Useful tip: Place your goal statement at the end of your resume as a refreshing change from a traditional objective and as a nod to the future of your success.

List Your Strongest Skills

    Be sure to include actual skills in your goal statement. For example, if you want to own your own salon in the future, it’s a good idea to talk about your entrepreneurial and management skills in your goal statement. Or, if you excel in cutting hair, be sure to include it in your goal statement. Translated skills can be brought into your goal statement no matter what kind of cosmetology experience you have. Even entry-level stylists can identify acquired skills through coursework or internships.

Avoid Dependence on Soft Skills

    Although skills are important for the strength of your goal statement, avoid referencing too many soft skills such as “strong team leader” or “passionate cosmetologist” without backing up these skills with hard evidence such as awards or sales volume. You don’t have to entirely eliminate your soft skills, though. Instead, tell your story by using achievements to back up any stated soft skills.


    Your resume is an important piece of marketing collateral that can make or break your chances of landing your dream job. Color, when used tastefully, can make your resume pop among typical monotone applications. Targeted resumes – that is, resumes tailored for a specific industry – make the biggest impact with recruiters so be sure to hone in on your cosmetology career when crafting your goal statement. Avoid copying verbatim from the job posting into your goal statement, cover letter or resume. Use your specific skills as they relate to the job. For a fresh change, use polished language – not big words from the thesaurus – to craft a well-written goal statement in your cosmetology resume. More often than not, a great story coupled with strong achievements and a catchy headline will showcase your goal statement most effectively.

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