Business Administration Resume Objectives

State the job title you want in the objective statement of a business administration resume.
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You can set a positive tone for your resume by including an objective statement as your first topic heading, just below your name and contact information. An objective statement identifies the particular job you're applying for and briefly mentions your strongest qualifications. For a position in business administration, you want your objective statement to focus on the job title and stress your organizational and multitasking abilities. If the company is hiring for multiple positions, your objective statement can help the human resource department distribute your resume to the hiring manager in charge of administration.

State the Job Title

    Since business administration covers a wide variety of positions and job titles, state the specific title you want in your objective statement. Start your objective with a phrase such as "Seeking a position as the Administrative Assistant in finance" or "To obtain a position as the Business Administrator of International Affairs." If you're applying for jobs at multiple companies, tailor your objective statement to fit the specific job title and position. According to the Division of Student Affairs at Virginia Tech, you don't want the employer to have to guess what position you're interested in or what you want to do.

Set the Tone

    The Career Services Center at Coastal Carolina University says an objective statement sets the tone for your resume and tells employers how you might fit into their organization. As a result, you want your objective to reflect how your skills and personality complement the work environment. Mention something about your willingness to work in a busy workplace such as "use my multitasking abilities in a fast-paced company" or "use my strong organizational skills and people-building strategies in a competitive business setting." These types of descriptive phrases show a hiring manager that you're prepared to meet the demands associated with the position.

List Top Skills

    Since an objective statement is concise, only one or two lines long, you must target a couple of your strongest abilities to include in your objective statement. Focus on job-relevant skills such as planning activities, coordinating events, maintaining budgets, managing resources, supervising employees, creating administrative reports or keeping records so as to reflect your ability to handle administrative tasks. As a business administrator you'll wear many hats, so you want to reveal skills that equip you to do the job. In the experience section of your resume, you can elaborate on those top skills and provide specific examples of how you accomplished previous work-related tasks and goals.

Provide Minimum Qualifications

    Some job descriptions have specific qualifications that must be met before a candidate can apply for the position. For example, a company might require a business administrative candidate to have a bachelor's or a master's degree in business administration, finance, human resources or a related field. The employer might require five years of experience in the industry or seven years of management experience. If the job qualifications are specific, briefly state how your education and experience meet the minimum qualifications. Your final objective statement might read "To obtain a position as an Administrative Director that reflects my 14 years of management experience and use my multitasking skills to coordinate events and supervise employees."

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