How to Use Nose Clips for Swimming

A synchronized swimmer wears a nose clip to keep her nostrils dry.

A synchronized swimmer wears a nose clip to keep her nostrils dry.

Nothing puts a damper on a good swim quite like getting a nose full of water. Fortunately, you can avoid this by wearing a nose clip that holds your nostrils shut. There are two basic types of nose clip: those with straps and those without. Whichever you choose, be sure to wear your nose clip correctly to keep your nostrils free of water.

Strapless Clip

Place the metal part of the clip on the bridge of your nose with the arms of the clip pointing downward.

Pinch the nose clip, closing off your nostrils. The clip will stay in place after you let go.

Try breathing through your nose. If you have put the clip on properly, no air should come in or out your nose.

Clip With a Strap

Place the nose clip on the bridge of your nose. The center of the U-shaped clip should rest on your nose. The clip will automatically tighten over your nose, closing your nostrils.

Place the strap behind your head to hold the clip in place.

Test the clip by breathing through your nose. No air should pass through your nose.

Items you will need

  • Nose clip, strap optional


  • When wearing a swim cap and goggles, its best to place the nose clip's strap over them.

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