How to Dive With Swim Googles

Michael Phelps tosses his leaky goggles after winning gold in 2008.
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If you are diving into the water to start a competitive swim, your goggles become loose or fall off your head. Even Olympic swimmers experience leaks; during the 2008 Olympics, U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps' goggles came loose, and he still won gold. You can take steps to keep your goggles in place and avoid having them flip up and fill with chlorinated pool water.

    Step 1

    Put on a swim cap to help your goggles stay on better. Since goggle straps and swim caps are both made of a rubbery material, the goggles will stick better to the swim cap than they would to your head or hair. Put the strap on over the cap.

    Step 2

    Tighten the strap so the goggles fit securely around your head, tight enough to create slight suction around your eyes. It can help to get your goggles wet before you put them on, as the moisture can help with the suction action. If your goggles have an adjustable nosepiece, tighten or loosen it enough to fit your nose.

    Step 3

    Tuck your head and squeeze your arms near your head when you dive to keep your goggles from falling off. Not only does this help keep your goggles on, it's also good form to reduce drag and make you faster when you start your strokes.

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