How to Dress for a Zero-Degree Ski Day

Dress for the wreck!
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Ski enthusiasts can easily name a hundred reasons why it's the greatest sport on the planet. One reason is, you can't move faster -- on the ground, without a motor -- than you can on skis. But skiing can also be brutal! Few accidents in sports are as disheartening as wrecking on skis on a zero-degree day, having frigid snow packed down your pants, up your shirt, down your neck, up your pant legs, down your boots, into your gloves, inside your ears ... so, you have to know how to dress. How you dress is more important than what you wear.

    Step 1

    Put on your fleece bra and underwear if you have them. Slide into your synthetic underpants to begin with, then pull on your synthetic undershirt. Tuck your undershirt into your underpants. Pull on your wool socks. Pull the socks over the ankle cuffs of the underpants and as high up as they'll go. Pull your wool or fleece shirt on over your undershirt. Pull on your wool or fleece pants. Tuck your shirt into your pants. Tuck your pants into the tops of your socks.

    Step 2

    Pull on your ski pants. Put on your ski boots, buckle them and slide the leg cuffs of your pants down as far as they will go, then cinch them in place with the velcro straps. Pull your neck warmer over your head and down around your neck. If you have long hair, leave it inside the neck warmer. Put on your jacket and zip the zipper up as high as it will go, ideally, just below your nose.

    Step 3

    Put on your ski mask if you have one. Put on your ski hat and pull it down over your ears. Put on your gloves and slide the cuffs of your jacket as high up over the wrist of your gloves as you can, then cinch them down with the velcro straps. Put your goggles on and rest the elastic strap over your ears.


    • Cover as much skin as possible. Any skin that is exposed is likely to get cold. Tuck everything into something except your jacket.


    • Never wear anything cotton. If cotton gets wet, it wicks the heat from your body. Always use wool, fleece or some other type of synthetic. Don't wear long johns, they're too think and you'll get cold on the chair lift. Don't ever wear jeans to go skiing; they're too thin and they aren't waterproof.

    Things You'll Need

    • Wool tube socks

    • Synthetic underpants

    • Synthetic undershirt

    • Wool or fleece shirt

    • Fleece pants

    • Zippered, waterproof jacket with 6-inch-plus collar and Velcro wrist cuffs

    • Waterproof ski pants or bibs with velcro ankle cuffs

    • Waterproof gloves

    • Goggles

    • Wool or fleece hat

    • Neck gaiter

    • Air activated disposable hand warmers (optional)

    • Fleece bra and underwear (optional)

    • Ski mask (optional)

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