How to Cushion Your Butt During Snowboarding

Padding helps you avoid injuries during snowboarding falls.
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One of the most addictive feelings you can experience as you're flying down a run on a snowboard is catching air off a jump and soaring. Your joy will be short-lived, however, if you catch an edge on your landing and take the brunt of the fall on your butt. Snowboarding wipeouts are inevitable, and if you're concerned about protecting your delicate hiney, wear the right gear when suiting up.

    Step 1

    Place a pair of padded shorts over your underwear when you're getting dressed for your day of snowboarding. Padded shorts designed for snowboarding and skiing come in a variety of styles depending on their brand, but consist of shorts with several thick pads sewn to the shorts in specific areas, including your tailbone and butt itself. This style of shorts significantly reduces the pain you'll feel when you land on your backside.

    Step 2

    Wear a pair of thick pants, such as sweatpants, over your padded shorts but beneath your snowboarding outerwear. Thick pants won't give you the same amount of protection as padded shorts, but every layer of padding helps absorb the impact of a fall and thick pants also help you keep warm on cold days.

    Step 3

    Slide your snowboarding pants over your thick pants to provide a waterproof and windproof protective layer while also giving you a very minor bit of extra padding. Snowboarding pants are typically thin to promote flexibility, but when you place them over your padded shorts and thick pants, you have multiple layers of protection and warmth.


    • Padding for your butt isn't the only type of protective gear you should wear while snowboarding. Other gear includes a helmet, mouthguard, goggles, elbow pads, wrist guards and knee pads.


    • Avoid attempting snowboarding tricks until you're comfortable with the fundamentals of the sport. Although falls are common, even among veterans, you're more likely to fall if you try tricks before you're ready.

    Things You'll Need

    • Padded shorts

    • Thick clothing

    • Snowboarding pants

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