How to Clean Snowboarding Goggles Without Ruining Them With Lens Cleaners

Always follow the manufacturer's specific care instructions for your goggles.
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Goggles are a vital piece of any snowboarder’s arsenal of accessories, but you’ll have trouble ripping down the hill and turning heads with your aerial tricks if you can’t see through the goggles clearly. Goggles can quickly get wet and grimy, especially if you snowboard during a blizzard or have a couple high-speed wipeouts. Lens cleaners can damage the goggles' anti-fog coating, so a more traditional cleaning approach is always safest.

    Step 1

    Shake off your goggles if they’re covered in loose snow or excess water and tap them lightly against your hand to knock away any snow or ice stuck in the vents. The shaking and tapping process will often clear the lenses significantly.

    Step 2

    Press a soft microfiber cloth against the drips of water on the inside and outside of the lenses. Push down lightly to allow the cloth to absorb the water, but don’t make wiping motions on the lens. If the water residue on the goggles has even a microscopic amount of grit, wiping can cause a scratch.

    Step 3

    Wet a soft microfiber cloth with clean water if your goggles have more pronounced marks that you cannot blot away with the dry cloth. Ring out the cloth so it’s not overly wet and avoid the temptation to dampen the cloth with snow, as snow can contain small, gritty particles that can scratch the goggles. Gently press the damp cloth against the marks on the lenses and then blot up any remaining wetness with a dry microfiber cloth.


    • Before attempting to clean your snowboarding goggles, check the owner’s manual to determine the manufacturer's specific instructions for cleaning the goggles.


    • Don’t worry about getting the goggles completely dry after cleaning them. As you resume snowboarding, the wind will move through the vents and help dry the goggles.


    • Always use a goggle storage pouch to carry the goggles when you’re not using them.


    • Never wipe the inside of the lenses of your goggles. The inside of the lenses is typically treated with an anti-fog coating that you can damage by wiping.

    Things You'll Need

    • Microfiber cloths

    • Water

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