How to Wear Your Snowboard Toe Strap

Center your toe strap over the toe of your boot for more powerful turns.
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Your snowboard bindings have two padded straps to hold your boots in place while you ride. The toe strap is the smaller ratchet strap on the front of your binding that tightens over the toe area of your boot. Make sure your toe strap is fastened directly over the toe of your boot for comfort and better performance.

    Step 1

    Tighten your boots on your feet and place your front foot in your front binding. Tighten your ankle strap first, then position the toe strap over the top of the toe of your boot and tighten it into place. Your binding should feel snug but comfortable over your toes.

    Step 2

    Make sure your toe strap is centered over the toe of your boot. You want it to stay over your toes without having to pull it up or down throughout your day of riding. If your toe strap is slipping up or down, you'll need to adjust the position of the toe strap on the binding until it is tight enough that it doesn't slide.

    Step 3

    Unscrew the toe strap with a Phillips head screwdriver and move it one screw hole closer to your heels if it was sliding around too much on your boot. If your toe strap was too tight on your boot, cutting off your circulation or applying too much pressure to your foot, slide it one screw hole closer to the toe edge of your board to loosen it up a bit. Screw the strap into its new position and see how it feels.

    Step 4

    Adjust your back binding straps the same way as the front binding.


    • Strap into your board and bindings with your boots on before you use them on the hill. If you have to tighten the ratchet all the way to the base of the binding, your bindings are too big for your boot. Tightening the ratchet this far can cause the ratchet to get stuck and ultimately break.


    • Take a snowboard tool with you when you ride, so you can adjust your bindings on the hill if they're causing you pain.


    • If your binding straps came with toe caps, you may need to adjust your binding strap so the toe cap fits over your specific boot.


    • Tightening a toe strap too much can cut off your circulation and cause your feet to get colder faster.

    Things You'll Need

    • Phillips head screwdriver or snowboard tool

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