How to Rubber Band Your Triathlon Shoes to Your Bike

The rubber band technique makes transitions faster.
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If you're planning to do a triathlon, you're obviously a fit and determined young Nestie who's up for a challenge. But toughness alone will only get you so far. To knock valuable seconds off your time, you'll need to be shrewd as well. The rubber band technique allows you to quickly mount your bike as you put your bike shoes on simultaneously.

    Step 1

    Clip both of your cycling shoes into your bike pedals. It may be easier to do this while wearing your shoes and then slipping your feet out.

    Step 2

    Place the elastic band through the loop on the back of the shoe that's on the side of your rear tire's quick release. If you don't have a quick release on your rear tire, place it through the loop on the derailleur-side shoe.

    Step 3

    Move the pedal with the shoe that has the elastic band to the position where it is closest to the rear tire.

    Step 4

    Loop each end of the elastic band over the quick release, or -- if you don't have a quick release -- around the hanger bolt of the derailleur. This will hold both pedals in place, parallel with the ground, preventing them from spinning around. And this will also make it easier to slip your shoes on as you mount the bike.

    Step 5

    Run with your bike and hop on the saddle as it moves forward. Place your feet in both shoes and pedal forward. As you pedal the elastic band will break, allowing the pedals to move.

    Step 6

    Fasten your shoes -- which usually close with hook and loop fasteners -- and begin cycling.


    • Putting a thin layer of petroleum jelly around the top edge of your cycling shoes will make it easier to slip into them quickly.


    • Mounting your bike with your shoes already clipped in can be tricky. Practice this several times before attempting it in a race.

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