How to Determine What Size Rollerblades You Need?

It won’t matter how cool your rollerblades look if they hurt your feet.
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Rollerblades that don’t fit correctly will negatively affect your performance. Poor fit also increases the risk for aching ankles and blisters. Don't rush through the process of sizing your rollerblades. Proper sizing involves more than simply trying on a pair. If your feet aren’t happy with the fit, you won’t be happy about wearing them.

    Step 1

    Wear the skate socks you typically wear for skating when you try on new rollerblades. Look for boots one-half to a full size larger and one-half to a full size smaller than your regular shoe size. This range allows for sizing differences between various manufacturers. Choose several different styles from various manufacturers.

    Step 2

    Sit down to try on rollerblades. Pull them on and press the back wheels firmly into the floor one foot at a time to seat your heels securely in the boots.

    Step 3

    Tighten the laces or fasten the buckles. They should be comfortably secure, but not tight.

    Step 4

    Stand up and bend your knees slightly so that they‘re directly above your toes. Try to move your heels around inside the boots. The boot should fit snugly enough to keep your heels from moving from side to side or up and down without squeezing your feet. Evaluate how the rollerblade feels around the ball of your foot. It should be comfortably snug, but mustn’t feel tight or painful. Your toes shouldn’t touch the insides of the boots while your knees are bent.

    Step 5

    Stand up straight. Your toes shouldn’t feel scrunched up, although their tips should barely touch the insides of the boot tips when you straighten your legs.

    Step 6

    Sit down, loosen and re-tighten the laces or buckles and check how the fit feels again. The rollerblades shouldn’t pinch anywhere or hurt your feet.

    Step 7

    Stand in one place for at least 15 minutes with the rollerblades on. If the fit isn’t right, a little bit of standing time should reveal any issues.

    Step 8

    Try on at least several different pairs of rollerblades produced by various manufacturers. Some makers build them wider or narrower than others. One brand may fit you better than others.


    • Purchase two or three pairs of good socks made specifically for skating. They’re thinner than typical sport socks and promote a snugger, more comfortable fit and help prevent slippage and blisters. Skate socks also wick moisture away from your feet and allow them to breathe.

    Things You'll Need

    • Skate socks

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