How to Do Jumping Jacks With Large Breasts

With the right sports bra, you can do jumping jacks all day long.
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Don't miss out on the benefits of exercise just because your lady bumps are protesting. If you're neglecting to do moves such as jumping jacks because bouncing up and down hurts your breasts, it's time to get some support -- literally. Tame your bosom with a properly fitted sports bra that will save you from back pain, chafing and sagging. Once you have sufficient support, performing jumping jacks may become the best part of your workout.

Fitting a Sports Bra

    Step 1

    Try on an encapsulation sports bra with wide straps for proper weight distribution, and a back clasp that allows you to adjust the tightness. An encapsulation sports bra has molded cups that support each lady bump individually from all directions. Avoid wearing a compression bra, because these flatten your lady bumps and are more suitable for smaller A to B cup sizes.

    Step 2

    Breathe deeply while you're wearing the sports bra and check that it's not digging into your skin. It should fit snug, but not too tight. Alternatively, stick on finger under the bra band between your breast and pull it away from your skin. It should give no more than 1 inch.

    Step 3

    Extend your arms overhead and move them around as you would while exercising. If the bra band moves up, tighten the clasp. If the clasp doesn't go any tighter, try on a smaller size.

    Step 4

    Jump up and down and focus on the bounce in your breasts. If your breasts spill over the cups, you might need a larger size. If there's minimal bounce and no discomfort, you've found your match.

Jumping Jacks

    Step 1

    Wear your new, supportive sports bra underneath your workout clothes and stand upright with your feet parallel next to each other and your hands extended at your sides.

    Step 2

    Bend your knees slightly, jump up and spread your feet wider than shoulder-width apart. Simultaneously extend your arms sideways and overhead in a smooth motion. Bend your knees when you land to minimize the impact. Avoid making noise when you land -- imagine you're light as a feather.

    Step 3

    Bend your knees slightly, jump up and return your arms and legs to the starting position. When your feet land, bend your knees to absorb the shock, and immediately go into the next jumping jack. Repeat the exercise for two minutes, and as your cardiovascular fitness improves, add a second set.


    • If you need extra support, wear a compression sports bra over your encapsulation sports bra.


    • Consult a doctor before starting a new exercise routine, especially if you have injuries or health conditions.

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