How to Replace Baskets on Ski Poles

Alpine and Nordic ski poles are typically different lengths, but the baskets come on and off similarly.
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If you've found yourself in deep powder on the ski slope or Nordic ski trail, then you know the value of ski pole baskets. These simple discs of plastic sit near the bottom of your pole, helping to keep the poles from slipping far down into powder. When the baskets get cracked or broken, you'll need to replace them -- or else face the possibility of sacrificing one of your poles to the gods of mountain snow.

    Step 1

    Stick your pole into the ground so that the tip is embedded in the ground a bit. That will stabilize the pole enough to allow you to remove the basket in the next step.

    Step 2

    Hold onto the pole's handle with two hands, and then jump onto the top of your pole's basket with both feet -- wearing shoes of course. Since the basket is typically just rammed onto the pole in order to hold it in place, it should come loose when you put force onto it.

    Step 3

    Turn the pole upside down and hold it upright with one hand.

    Step 4

    Place the new basket onto the pole, with the curved portion facing toward the bottom of the pole. Since the pole is currently upside down, the curved portion of the basket should face up for this step.

    Step 5

    Wrap your other hand around the basket and press downward with as much force as you can muster, thereby pressing the basket upward onto the pole. Don't worry -- you don't need your man to help you with this, and doing it yourself will show off your Ms. Fix-It prowess. If your pole has a slight lip where the basket should sit, you'll hear a little "click" when the basket is secured in place.

    Step 6

    Wrap your pointer finger and thumb around the lip of the basket to feel for any give. If it feels loose, it needs to go further up on the pole. For poles with clicking lip, you won't have to check this; the "click" is the assurance you need that the basket is secure on the pole.


    • While most baskets simply click in place, some brands might have a small screw that further holds the basket in place. Inspect your poles before you start this process, looking for any screws on the outside of the basket. If you find any, remove the screw before following the steps listed here. When you get the basket onto the pole, replace the screw.

    Things You'll Need

    • Screwdriver

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