How to Lace-Up Burton Emerald Snowboard Boots

Warm, padded and snug-fitting boots are crucial for pulling off sweet snowboard tricks and minimizing nasty wipeouts.
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Burton Emerald snowboard boats are designed specifically for women. They're well padded and designed to look good. But Burton doesn't sacrifice function for style, so you'll look good on the slopes while keeping your feet warm and safe. They feature a Burton exclusive known as "Speed Zone Lacing," so you don't have to waste valuable time trying to get into your boots and onto your board. You don't even need to know how to tie your shoes to get laced up in these boots.

    Step 1

    Put on the boots.

    Step 2

    Locate and pull on the outer tongue slightly to reveal the liner lacing inside.

    Step 3

    Pull upward on the liner lacing handle to tighten the boot around your foot.

    Step 4

    Push the locking tab downward until it touches the inner liner. Feel if this is tight enough, too loose or too light. If it isn't a good fit, lift the tab and use your fingers to loosen the liner lacing. If it's too loose, pull more on the handle and then push the locking tab back down.

    Step 5

    Pull the lower section lacing away from the boot to tighten. The pull the upper section lacing to do the same.

    Step 6

    Take the pulls, which are the extra length of lace on either side of the boot, and pull them up gently. Roll them up and tuck them comfortably inside the boot between the liner and the outer boot.


    • Always wear proper protective gear when snowboarding.


    • Periodically check the side pulls to ensure the excess lacing is rolled and secure inside the boot.

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