How to Write to the Director of Admissions

Applying to a college program usually requires several rounds of contact with the director of admissions.
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If you’re seeking admission to a college program, you may feel as though the director of admissions has become your new best friend. And between requests for transcripts, test results, recommendation letters and work histories, who could blame you? No matter how many times you write to the director of admissions, or even how many times you may have to resubmit information, be sure to maintain a polite and professional tone. After all, your correspondence will be kept on file. And to some extent, she holds your future in her hands. So, supply information promptly and respond to her requests in a timely manner. Ultimately, you are sure to grab the brass ring of admittance.

    Step 1

    Select a professional font for your letter, such as Arial, Verdana, Tahoma or Times New Roman. Center your name at the top of the page in a larger font, such as 16 point or 18 point. Center your contact information, including your e-mail address and cell phone number, underneath in a 14 point font. Write your letter in 11 point or 12 point type. You may choose a different font for your letter, but use no more than two fonts for readability.

    Step 2

    Open your letter with a formal salutation. Even if you’ve talked with the director by phone, address her by her full name: “Dear Ms. Admit.”

    Step 3

    Begin your letter with a clear statement of purpose, making it clear that you are responding to a request. For example, you might say, “As you have requested, I am enclosing three letters of recommendation from former supervisors to help fulfill the requirements of admission.”

    Step 4

    Remind the director of the term for which you are seeking admission and the program. Be specific, especially because some programs – including Master of Business Administration programs – offer online, classroom, “hybrid” and accelerated programs. You may wish to include your Social Security number, as many colleges and universities continue to track applicants based on this identifier. Ask if you are uncertain.

    Step 5

    Provide a status report of the nature of your application. List, in bullet point form, the items that you have submitted. Then, list items that remain outstanding. If you can, supply a date by which you expect to submit all the required materials.

    Step 6

    Encourage the director to contact you if she has any questions about the information you are enclosing. List the best contact method and best times of day to reach you. Thank the director for her time and efforts.

    Step 7

    Close your letter with a formal salutation, such as “Sincerely.” Type your full name and then sign your name above it.

    Step 8

    Proofread and edit your letter for spelling and grammar to ensure that it is flawless.


    • Keep a copy of all your letters in a safe place so you can easily track the status of your application.

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