How to Ask for a Sponsorship Letter

Sponsors will want to know you're going to represent them well.
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If you need sponsorship for a study abroad opportunity, scholarship, internship or another purpose, you'll need to get your sponsor to draft the letter announcing her support. Before the letter is written, you'll need to talk to your potential sponsor and get that support.

    Step 1

    Brainstorm and write down a list of qualities you'll need for the position. Before someone sponsors you for something, she will want to know that you're qualified to hold that position. Writing down those qualities not only gives you a physical list to show that person, but demonstrates that you've given the process some thought.

    Step 2

    Print out any job description, internship offering or other information about the position for which you need a sponsor. When you ask for a sponsorship letter, your sponsor will need to know what the position entails so she can tailor the letter to the qualifications and requirements of the position.

    Step 3

    Offer to take your potential sponsor out for coffee or lunch, and then introduce the topic of sponsorship during that meeting. If you can't meet in person, you can also do this in a letter or email. Start out the conversation with just a tad of flattery, telling the potential sponsor why you appreciate her. Then tell her about your opportunity and provide your list of qualities and the job description so your potential sponsor will have all the information she needs to make her decision.

    Step 4

    Suggest what to include in the letter, but be sensitive to the sponsor's individual style. Some people may want to write the letter without your involvement, while others may want your input. Read her cues as you bring up the collaboration aspect, so you can decide whether to continue pursuing collaboration. In some cases, your sponsor may suggest that you write the letter for her, which she will then approve and sign. Be open to whatever solution seems most appropriate for the situation.


    • When you receive your letter or when your sponsor sends it to the appropriate entity, send her a thank-you note to express your appreciation for the extra effort. During the internship or other opportunity, keep your sponsor abreast of what you're doing so she can help you when needed and knows you are doing well.

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