How to Wear a Snorkel Mask With Glasses

Prescription lenses can be built into diving masks for a perfect fit.
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Wearing the right snorkeling mask can make your experience more pleasurable from the start. There are many options available for individuals who wear glasses, as glasses do not fit or work properly underneath masks. You can choose to wear corrective lenses while snorkeling, or you can purchase a mask that is made with corrective lenses built into it. Choosing the right option will make your snorkeling and diving trips much more enjoyable because you will be able to clearly see everything beneath the surface of the water.

Step 1

Choose to wear your corrective contact lenses while snorkeling so you can see underneath the water's surface. Your contacts should be permeable, soft contacts, as these are not lost as easily under the water. If your mask comes off while snorkeling it is best to keep your eyes partially open for 30 seconds under the water to help keep them attached to your eyes. Flush the contacts with saline solution to remove after the trip.

Step 2

Wear a snorkeling mask that has built-in corrective lenses instead of your contact lenses. These can be ordered from many manufacturers and used over and over again on snorkeling and diving trips. This method works well because you are not in danger of losing your contact lenses if your mask comes off underwater.

Step 3

Undergo LASIK eye surgery to correct your vision for snorkeling and many other activities. Contact your eye doctor to find out if you are eligible for this type of surgery, and then carefully consider the risks versus the benefits. This is a permanent solution to your vision problem, but can be costly and cannot be done on everyone.

Step 4

Choose a snorkeling mask that fits you correctly, no matter which method of vision correction you choose. The mask should create a seal around your face that keeps the water out. Test masks before wearing or purchasing to make sure they work well for you underwater.

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