How to Keep Goggles on a Ski Helmet

Take your ski helmet to the store when shopping for new goggles.
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Ski goggles are a must when you hit the high-altitude ski slopes. With the thinner air comes more intense sun exposure. Besides, snow is highly reflective, causing the sun to bounce right back at your eyes. Unlike ordinary sunglasses, ski goggles are specially designed to filter UV rays under those conditions. You can also count on their sturdy material to withstand hits from twigs and branches. Matching the right helmet to the right goggles is the key for them staying on securely.

    Step 1

    Select goggles with adjustable straps to make it possible to fit them properly around your helmet. Straps you can lengthen and shorten are also practical if, down the road, you switch to a helmet of a different design.

    Step 2

    Try the goggles and helmet on at the same time. Verify that the fit is snug and comfortable when you wear both pieces of ski equipment together. The helmet has to be a good fit for your head to maintain the goggles in place. If the helmet is so loose that it rocks back and forth, for example, the strap is unlikely to stay around the helmet properly.

    Step 3

    Secure the goggle strap around the helmet’s goggle mount properly. Mount designs vary. Some helmets have a hook in the back that anchors the strap in place. Others have a small narrow band that folds over the strap and fastens to the helmet’s shell with a snap. Become acquainted with the type of goggle mount your helmet has to firmly secure the strap.

    Things You'll Need

    • Goggles with adjustable straps

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