Trampoline Exercise Routines

Jumping on a trampoline is a good way to mix up your workout routine.
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Not only is jumping on a trampoline fun, but it's a great workout, too. While you're enjoying yourself, you'll be burning calories and working the muscles in your lower body. You can't target a certain body part with a trampoline workout, but it may help you drop some unwanted weight without it feeling like exercise. Of course, you'll also have to ditch the bad eating habits and stick to a low-calorie meal plan for the most benefit.


    Just jumping continuously provides you with a great workout on the trampoline, but adding specific exercises ups your calorie burn and challenges your muscles in different ways. Jump from side to side or back to front or jump in half circles. Try lifting your knees toward your chest with each jump, reaching with your arms or doing jumping jacks on the trampolines. Another great exercise is to jump up and sit down when you fall back to the trampoline. Bounce back up and repeat the move. The different ways you move with these exercises ups your calorie burn and makes your jumping workout more fun.

Creating a Routine

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends at least 150 minutes of exercise each week for women. When you're on the trampoline, you'll be having so much fun that the time will fly by. Combine jumping with other forms of cardio for a well-rounded workout schedule. Warm up with some light bouncing for about 10 minutes, then add tricks and more vigorous bouncing for about 20 minutes. Finish with some more light jumping to finish off your workout.


    Like many women, you exercise to look and feel great. Jumping is a good way to achieve this goal because it burns calories for weight control at the same time it works your muscles, toning and defining them. Depending on your size, you could burn up to 700 calories in one hour on the trampoline, according to "Orlando Magazine." Jumping works your thighs, calves, hips and butt, which can help you sculpt your lower body and create a shape you'll be proud to show off. Jumping also requires balance, which activates your core muscles. A consistent routine may have you shopping for a new bikini before you know it. And being healthy and fit protects you from many health problems, including heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer.


    Although jumping on the trampoline has a huge potential for burning calories, it might not be enough to produce weight loss. If you're trying to lose some flab, combine your trampoline routine with a low-calorie meal plan that includes plenty of foods from each food group. Not only will you have the energy you need to jump, but also you'll be getting nutrients important to women's health.

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