How to Lose Weight by Jumping Rope

Jumping rope offers many benefits.
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The idea of jumping rope might take you back to when you were about 10 years old; However, it is a highly effective fat-burning activity, popular among many athletes. Jumping rope burns approximately 10 calories per minute, burning off the calories of that candy bar you indulged in with 15 to 20 minutes. On top of that, jumping rope strengthens the heart, works both the upper and lower body and builds coordination. You could simply jump rope to lose weight, but because most people can´t do it continuously and after it gets monotonous, add some other exercises with jumping rope to make a circuit routine.

    Step 1

    Jump rope for one minute, hopping only 1 inch off of the ground. Keep your arms by your sides.

    Step 2

    Do lunges for two minutes. Take a big step forward with your right foot, and bend your right knee until your left knee almost touches the ground. Step backward to a standing position. Repeat with your left leg.

    Step 3

    Do jumping jacks with the jump rope for one minute. Each time you jump over the rope alternate between having your feet together and having your feet far apart in a “V” shape.

    Step 4

    Do pushups for 2 minutes. Place your feet and hands on the floor with your arms straight. Make a straight line with your body. Bend your elbows and slowly lower yourself to the ground. Come back up by straightening your arms. For an easier version, put your knees on the floor with your feet in the air.

    Step 5

    Jump rope for one minute, alternating between jumping forward 6 inches and jumping backward 6 inches each time the rope touches the ground.

    Step 6

    Do side squats for two minutes. Stand up with your arms at your sides. Step to your right with your right foot. Do a squat. Step back into a standing position. Repeat with your left leg.

    Step 7

    Jump rope for one minute, alternating between jumping to the right and then to left each time the rope touches the ground.

    Step 8

    Do the twist for two minutes. Stand up with your legs in a “V” position. Hold one end of the jump rope in each hand with your palms facing the wall in front of you. Extend your arms up over your head so the rope is tight over your head. Squat to the ground until your legs are parallel with the floor. Twist to your right. Then twist to your left. Return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times.

    Step 9

    Jump rope for one minute, but jump only on your right foot, then on your left foot.

    Step 10

    Repeat the whole routine once. Do this routine at least 3 times per week to lose weight.


    • Choose a beaded rope if you are a beginner, since it’s easier to control.


    • Watch what you eat. In order to lose weight, you must take in less calories than you burn. Focus on lots of fruits, veggies and lean meats.


    • Step on the middle of the rope and pull the handles upward; if your handles are above your armpits, the rope is too long.


    • If you do it right, it results in less impact than running. Jump high on your toes rather than your heels to have this low-impact benefit and avoid injury.


    • Jump on a wooden floor or impact mat to avoid injury.


    • Talk to your doctor before starting a new fitness routine.

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