Is Jumping on a Mini Trampoline Good Exercise?

Put a mini trampoline indoors or outdoors.
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Doing exercises you enjoy makes it much more likely that you'll stick with the program and see the results you want. A mini trampoline is a fun way to fit in a cardio workout, which burns calories and offers many health benefits. It's also offers you a chance to exercise at home. A mini trampoline can fit in small rooms so you can watch your favorite television shows or wait for dinner to cook while you jump. While jumping is a good workout, talk to your doctor before getting started.

Calories Burned

    Jumping on a mini trampoline elevates your heart rate, which is a good indication that you're burning calories. Several factors play a role in your calorie burn. A larger woman burns more calories in a session on the trampoline than does a woman who weighs less. Staying at a moderate intensity throughout your workout burns more calories than if you take several rest breaks or slow down toward the end of your session. In general, a 150-pound woman burns about 320 calories per hour.

Muscles Used

    You'll primarily work your lower body on a mini trampoline. This includes your legs, hips, butt and lower back. Even though jumping on a trampoline is a low-impact form of exercise, you'll be engaging your quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes and back each time you jump and land. Over time, you'll notice toning and definition in your lower body. This lean muscle mass boosts your metabolism and makes many day-to-day activities easier. The balance required on a mini trampoline also engages your core muscles, helping you whittle your middle and get back into those skinny jeans. Add a couple of upper body strength-training sessions to your routine each week to balance out your upper and lower half.

Health Benefits

    A mini trampoline offers much in the way of your overall health. Burning calories helps you control your weight and take off any excess flab on your body. Cardio exercise, such as jumping, builds your aerobic endurance and keeps your heart strong and healthy. Jumping is also a form of weight bearing exercise, which helps maintain bone density and ward of osteoporosis as you get older. In addition, jumping on a mini trampoline stimulates your lymphatic system, according to CBS News. This helps your body remove waste and boosts your immunity. Jumping also helps you regulate your coordination and balance.


    You're not going to get much benefit from your mini trampoline if you hurt yourself and have to take time off. Just like any other form of exercise, following proper safety tips keeps you safe and maximizes the benefits of your workout. Place your trampoline on a flat, stable surface so it doesn't tip over while you jump. Never jump on a mini trampoline with another person. Not only could you bump into each other, but you might knock one another off, which means one of you could get hurt. Don't try to do tricks or moves beyond your abilities. If you ever feel pain while jumping, stop and contact your doctor.

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