Circuit Training Exercises on a Mini Trampoline

Change up your regular workout with circuit training exercises on a mini trampoline.
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If you are tired of your regular fitness routine, vary your workout with circuit training. Circuit training improves both your cardio and muscular endurance. Build a circuit training routine around a simple but fun piece of equipment: The mini trampoline. Even during inclement weather, use the trampoline in your home to get a good workout.

Circuit Training

    Circuit training involves exercises that alternate between cardio -- workouts that work your heart, lungs and major muscle groups -- and strength training. Build muscle by using both the mini trampoline and your body weight as resistance. Do five minutes of cardio exercises followed by five minutes of resistance training. Begin with three sets of these alternating exercises for a full 30-minute circuit training routine. As you begin to build cardiovascular and muscular endurance, increase the length of your workouts.


    Jogging in place on a trampoline includes a good cardio workout as part of your circuit training routine without risking damage to your joints. Without the impact on a hard surface, you spare your hips, knees, ankles and back the impact associated with normal jogging. Using a mini trampoline also increases the effectiveness of this form of cardio since your leg muscles work harder to maintain your balance on the surface of the trampoline.

Push Ups and Dips

    Strength training with a mini trampoline doesn't mean you need dumbbells. Instead, use your body weight as resistance for strength training exercises and the mini trampoline itself. Perform push ups by placing your hands on the edge of the trampoline with the rest of your body in regular push up position. Dips work the backs of your arms and are easily performed with the trampoline. Sit on the edge of the trampoline with your hands on the edge on either side. Move your rear off the edge and then lift and lower your lower body while flexing your arms.


    Standing on the surface of the trampoline holding standing yoga poses or using free weights has the added benefit of strengthening your core muscles. When you're standing on the trampoline, you're doing more than just holding still. Your body is making minute adjustments to maintain your balance as the springy surface responds to even the smallest movement. Your core braces and strengthens to keep the spine protected and your body upright.

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