Things to Help You Sweat While Working Out

Aerobic exercise is an easy way to work up a sweat.
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Sweat is something many people avoid, but it can be extremely beneficial to your body when you are working out. Sweating helps to clear your body of toxins and is a sign that you are working hard to accomplish your fitness goals. Using sweat as a means to lose weight is not considered to be healthy, as you lose water weight but nothing else. Sweating can feel good if it is done cautiously, and can be increased through the use of certain techniques.


Heat is one of the main ways to get your body sweating while you are working out. In the summer, you can choose to exercise outdoors. In colder weather you can choose to work out in an environment that is heated more thoroughly than others. Bikram yoga is one example of an exercise program that uses heat in its practice, as the room is heated before the yoga class begins. In public settings, such as gyms, this might not be an option. Choose to sit in a sauna before or after your workout to gain benefits from sweating due to heat.


Movement is the type of activity that is often associated with sweating. It is likely that you will sweat more if you increase the intensity of the movement you perform. Sprinting will make you sweat more than jogging and doing a high-intensity aerobics class will make you sweat more than water aerobics, for example. Move your body as much as possible while you are working out to increase your sweat levels.


Drinking plenty of water before and during your workout can actually help your body sweat more because your body is well hydrated. If you don't drink enough water, your body may become so dehydrated that it does not have extra water available to sweat out. Green tea is a good beverage to drink because it is generally served hot in temperature, which can raise your body's temperature enough to make you sweat, and is also thought to raise the body's metabolism.

Other Considerations

Sweating during exercise can be helpful and healthy if it is done with certain considerations in mind. You need to make sure you hydrate your body during and after exercise with plenty of water. Sports drinks that contain sodium can help balance your electrolytes if you are sweating profusely for a long period of time. If you begin to feel dizzy or faint, you should stop and rest, drink some water and then determine whether you want to continue working out.

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