Is Hot Yoga Good for De-Bloating?

Bikram yoga is done in a heated room where sweating is inevitable.
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Hot yoga, also known as Bikram yoga, is an intense yoga style that you do in a room heated to approximately 105 degrees Fahrenheit with 40 percent humidity. As sweating is inescapable during Bikram classes, this type of yoga is an excellent choice for relieving water retention or bloating. Bikram yoga also detoxifies your body, and the constant movement during a Bikram class can allow bloat-causing gasses to pass out of the body.

Causes of Bloating

    Bloating often happens when your body experiences a buildup of gases from overeating, eating gaseous foods such as beans or cabbage or from too much sodium intake. High levels of sodium intake cause your body to retain extra fluid so that your water and sodium levels become unbalanced, causing a bloating sensation.

Bikram Yoga for De-Bloating

    Bikram yoga is especially helpful in de-bloating caused by too much sodium intake. According to fitness expert Jill Coleman, sweat, which is mostly comprised of sodium, is released during an intense Bikram class, causing lower levels of both water and sodium within the body. Increase your water intake before and during a hot yoga class to flush out excess sodium and toxins. Bikram yoga can also help gases produced by foods such as beans and cabbage to pass out of your body because of the intense movement and stretches that you perform during a class.

Other Benefits

    Bikram yoga is an effective choice for a healthy body and digestive system because it detoxifies the body, purifies skin pores and tones muscles. Practicing yoga in a heated room allows your muscles to heat up quickly and stay warm, providing better flexibility. According to health professionals at Johns Hopkins University, regular exercise -- like yoga -- can lead to healthier eating choices, which can help you eliminate bloat-causing foods from your diet.


    Although Bikram yoga is a beneficial and healthy style of yoga, it may not be for everyone. People with extreme heat sensitivity should not practice Bikram yoga, and those with heart problems or blood pressure issues should consult a cardiologist before engaging in this style of yoga. If you feel an overwhelming sensation of heat, fatigue or dizziness during a hot yoga class, perform a resting pose and hold it for as long as you need.

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