Role of a Church Youth Treasurer

Your role as a church youth treasurer is one of the most vital offices in your church. You must clearly understand your functions and discharge them to the best of your ability. Your leaders should explain to you your role and their expectations as every church has specific rules and expectations for the youth treasurer. You must have a passion to serve as a youth treasurer for you to overcome some of the challenges like lack of recognition and appreciation for your work as church youth treasurer.


    As a church youth treasurer it is your responsibility to receive collections of tithes, offerings and other gifts on behalf of the church. These collections may be in the form of money or checks. Most of the time you will receive collections at regular church meetings; however, you must ensure plans are put in place to receive collections at other times. As soon as the church collections are done, you should take them to the church office, put the collection in a money bag and put the money bag in a secure place like a church safe. This will prevent loss or theft of church collections.


    It is your responsibility as a church youth treasurer to count the offerings after you collect them. Depending on your church practices, you may be required to count it immediately after it is collected or at the end of the service. It is important that you count the offerings in the presence of another person. This will shield you from temptation to steal and from accusations of financial impropriety. It is prudent to make a detailed record of what you have collected by assigning it as tithe, offering or pledges. Ensure only those authorized to count the collections are present during the time of counting.


    As a church youth treasurer you also will be required to bank the money you receive. It is important to do this as soon as possible because the money will be safer at the bank. When possible, go accompanied by a coworker. Ensure you get a receipt from the bank for the deposit and file it in your records or hand it over to the relevant person.


    You need the support of the leadership and other church members to succeed in your duty as a youth church treasurer. The church leadership must set guidelines on your roles and support you through training, and providing the necessary infrastructure, such as a church safe. The church members also must honor their pledges, use envelopes when giving their contributions and label envelopes appropriately. Members also should learn to appreciate you and your work as treasurer.

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