Duties of a Teller

Bank tellers assist customers with transactions.
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If you enjoy working with people and money -- even though it's not your own -- then becoming a bank teller may be the right move for you. You meet people from all walks of life, help them deposit their money or cash their checks, and chat with them about the bank's products and programs. Although a bank teller is a serious job, the bank allows you the freedom to be yourself, often entertaining your customers with personal stories while attending to their banking needs.

Customer Service

    The bank teller greets the customer even when she is busy with another customer. She wants to make sure her customer knows he is important and she will wait on him as soon as possible. Sometimes, a customer will have a sensitive issue to address, such as why the bank returned his check. As a bank teller, you must make the customer know you care about his issue and if you cannot resolve the issue yourself, you will get him prompt help.

Cash Handling

    A large part of your teller job is cash handling. First thing in the morning, you get your cash drawer from the vault and you verify the amount of money in the drawer. Next, you count night depository bags and provide a receipt for the transaction. If there is a discrepancy in the night bag, you must get another teller to count the bag with you to verify your accuracy. During the day, you count deposits and must make sure the amount is exactly the same amount as is on the deposit slip. You cash checks taking care to give the customer the exact amount on the check. Your responsibilities include accepting deposits and making withdrawals from both checking and savings accounts. At the end of the day, you must settle your drawer to the penny and provide a detailed report of the contents of your cash drawer.

Special Duties

    Some tellers train to handle special jobs, such as waiting on business customers or exchanging foreign currency. In addition to your regular cash handling duties, you may also have to retrieve night deposit bags, put together large change orders and check your customer’s accounts for specific transactions.

Other Teller Duties

    Tellers may sell products such as money orders, savings bonds and traveler’s checks. You may accept utility bill and credit card payments. You issue cashier checks and process paperwork for certificates of deposit. You process mail transactions and depository bags that come in during the course of the day.

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