Relieving Thigh Muscles From Workout Pain

Sore thighs make even the simplest tasks - like taking the stairs - seem like an impossible feat.

Sore thighs make even the simplest tasks - like taking the stairs - seem like an impossible feat.

Whether you’re a victim of too many squats, a lot of lunges or just a really long run, thigh muscle tightness can make even the simplest daily activities seem like a chore. Before embarking on a killer thigh routine, make sure you stash away some stretching know-how among the thigh workout tips cluttering your brain. Because if you know how to release the tension and relieve the stress of sore thigh muscles, it won’t be so bad getting out of bed the next morning.

Fight it with Foam

Position the foam roller under your knees while you are sitting on the ground with your legs extended, if your hamstrings are hurting the most. Cross your ankles and rest your hands on the floor behind you for support. If you’re looking to target your quadriceps, rest the front of your thighs on top of the foam roller while your upper body and the tops of your feet rest on the floor. To tackle your IT band, lie sideways on the ground and position the foam roller under the side of your thigh.

Push your hands into the ground, raising your body a few inches into the air. By the end of this stretch, you’ll understand why this thigh release technique is also great for toning and tightening flabby arms.

Rock your body back and forth, allowing the foam roller to roll under your thighs from hips to knees. For a more effective stretch, don’t let your feet or legs touch the ground.

Stop rolling when you find a particularly tender spot. Gently push the tight muscle into the foam, slowly releasing the tension. Hold in this spot for at least 20 seconds and then continue rolling along the thighs for at least 60 additional seconds. Although the rolling pressure might be a bit too difficult to handle at first, you’ll find that it becomes much easier as the tension releases over the next few days.

Bring on the Bow Pose

Lie face-down on a cushioned yoga mat with your hands resting at your sides.

Bend your knees, bringing your heels toward your behind. Reach back and grasp onto your ankles, pulling your upper torso off the ground.

Arch your back while lifting your chest and heels -- your ankles should still be prisoners of your palms -- toward the ceiling. Your belly, groin and upper thighs should be the only parts of the body making contact with the yoga mat.

Rock your body gently back and forth to enhance the stretch and provide a gentle massage for the tops of your thighs.

Continue lifting your chest and heels toward the ceiling, holding the pose for about 30 seconds. You should feel a long, gentle stretch that travels in a U-shape from your toes to your nose.

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