Gravity & Hip Flexor Stretches

Sitting all day can cause weak and shortened hip flexors.
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If you are stuck in the office all day, you may be damaging your hip flexors. Sitting all day shortens the hip flexors, which can result in pain in the lower back, knees and feet. This can even affect whether you can run after your 3-year-old, or painfully stumble after him. By using gravity and your own body as resistance, you can stretch the hip flexors and prevent future injuries.

    Step 1

    Take a big step forward with your left foot. Bend your right knee 90 degrees and lower your left knee to the floor. Push your pelvis forward slightly. Lift your right arm into the air and push it slightly to the left side. Hold for 20 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

    Step 2

    Place your back on the floor with your legs straight and your arms at your sides. Lift your left leg and bend your left knee. Hold onto the back of your thigh with both hands and pull your leg toward you. Hold for 30 seconds. Return to the starting position. Repeat with the right leg.

    Step 3

    Put your right side on the floor with your right knee bent and your right leg flat on the floor. Bend your right elbow and relax your head in your right hand. Place your left hand on the floor. Lift your left leg slightly into the air and bring it forward and backward. Repeat 10 times with both legs.

    Step 4

    Lie on your stomach on the floor. Place a foam roller under the top of your thighs. Put your forearms on the floor and lift your body up so that it is in a straight line. Move your body back and forth along the foam roller from the top of your thigh to your knee for one minute.


    • Talk to your doctor before doing any new stretches.

    Things You'll Need

    • Foam roller

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