How to Refinish the Bottom of a Snowboard

The quality of your snowboard depends on refinishing, including cleaning and waxing.
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A good snowboard ride depends on the condition of your board, specifically the base of your board. Any nicks, gouges or rough areas will catch against the snow, which could lead to a rough ride and even falls and skids. That's why refinishing your board when it gets worn is a must. While some believe that newer, fancier boards don't require waxing or frequent upkeep, all boards need your tender care to give you the best ride.

Smoothing Your Board

    Step 1

    Set your board on a completely flat surface and check for spaces between the board and the surface or wobbling. The base of your snowboard should be completely flat. Fixing concave, uneven boards is best left to a snowboarding shop.

    Step 2

    Run your carborundum or diamond stone along the bottom edges of your board to smooth away roughness. A sharp, clean edge on your board is important for gripping turns and maintaining control on the surface of the snow.

    Step 3

    Use your file to sharpen the base edge of your board. Run the file along the base edge of the board, taking special care to file away as little as necessary.

    Step 4

    Smooth your freshly shaped edges with your whetstone. Run the whetstone smoothly along each edge until they are smooth to the touch and free of excess filings and debris.

Repairing and Waxing your Board

    Step 1

    Wipe away the dirt on the bottom of your board with a clean, dry cloth. Apply snowboard base cleaner, wait 15 minutes and wipe again.

    Step 2

    Use a polyethylene candle to smooth out gouges in the bottom of your board. Light the candle and let the "wax" drip into the gouges. Let dry, and use a smooth scraper to scrape away excess polyethylene. A polyethylene candle's "wax" is an ultra-durable thermoplastic that binds to the board and creates a smooth surface for waxing.

    Step 3

    Heat your snowboard iron. Over your board, press the wax into the iron and let it drip onto your board. The iron should be hot enough that the wax melts but doesn't smoke.

    Step 4

    Spread the wax in a thin layer with the warm iron all over the base. Allow the wax to cool and set. Use your scraper to remove the excess wax and smooth with an abrasive pad, which you can find in a waxing kit.


    • Many of the items you'll need to refinish the base of your board can be found in refinish and wax kits.


    • Take care not to touch your skin or clothing with the polyethylene candle, hot wax or your snowboard iron.

    Things You'll Need

    • Flat surface

    • Carborundum or diamond stone

    • Snowboard file

    • Whetstone

    • Clean dry cloth

    • Snowboard base cleaner

    • Polyethylene candle

    • Lighter

    • Scraper

    • Snowboard iron

    • Wax

    • Abrasive pad

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