Pharmacy Career Objectives

Pharmacists work in a variety of settings, including hospitals and drugstores.
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A career in the pharmacy industry can lead to a variety of rewarding positions, including working as a pharmacist and pharmacy technician. A strong career objective on your resume can help you land interviews with potential employers, which can lead to a new job. Key information in a career objective should include your education and skills.


    Whether you are still pursuing a degree as a pharmacist or a recent grad, your objective should match the education required for the position. For example, if you are applying for a pharmacist technician position, you should have at least the minimum education requirement, which is a high school diploma and training from vocational schools. Your objective can say, "A recent grad with a diploma in pharmacy technology seeking a career as a pharmacy technician at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital."


    Depending on the position, tailor your objective by providing specific details on how your experience can be an asset. Your objective can say, "A pharmacist with five years experience seeking positions working for a national drugstore." If you are still pursuing your Doctor of Pharmacy degree and looking for internship positions, you can write, "A pharmacy student seeking an internship with a leading pharmaceutical company." This statement informs the employer that you are still in college and looking for internship opportunities.


    As a job candidate, your skills can set you apart from other job seekers. You can include this information on your resume to let the employer know more about your assets. Your objective can say, "Seeking a pharmacy technician position that will utilize my customer service and organization skills." Focus on highlighting pertinent skills that are already included in the job description. Be honest in writing your career objective. For example, do not include skills that are not part of your strengths as a potential employee.

Work Environment

    Because pharmacy positions are in a variety of work environments, you should specify your ideal work environment in your objective. For example, you might prefer to work for a general pharmacy store instead of a drugstore. Your objective can say, "A pharmacy technician position working for a general pharmacy store in Washington, D.C." This statement informs the employer that you are seeking a pharmacy technician position working at a pharmacy located in Washington, D.C. If you don't want to limit yourself to a particular work environment or city, you can write a general statement focusing on your assets.

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