Do You Need a Resume for a McDonald's Interview?

You should always bring a resume to a job interview and dress nicely.
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No matter what type of job you are seeking at McDonald's, you should bring a polished resume and completed application to your job interview. But this is only part of what you should do to be prepared. Whether you want to fill an upper-management position or you are interviewing to be a cashier or food preparation employee, you should show the interviewer that you are informed about the company and enthusiastic about your opportunity.


    According to McDonald's website, more than 50 percent of their owner-operators began their career working behind the counter at a McDonald's restaurant. When you're preparing your resume for your interview, you should keep this in mind. Your resume should be professional in appearance with no misspellings or grammatical errors. It should show your previous employment and accomplishments, as well as state your objectives and goals for moving ahead. If you are applying for your first job and don't have previous employment to list, you can substitute activities where you gained valuable skills or that show you would make a good employee. For example, you can include volunteer experience, such as helping at an animal shelter, or other achievements. Those could include winning an academic contest, receiving high grades or taking part in leadership activities, such as being president of a school club.

A Brag Book

    No matter what type of position you are applying for, you should consider bringing more to your interview than just a simple resume. Scott Brent, an interviewing expert, told MSN that he calls these "brag books." A brag book is a folder that includes a resume, a page with references and samples of relevant work. The folder also can include anything that is related to the job and other items that can sell your interviewer on the variety of things you can bring to McDonald's. Including written materials about the company to show you've done your research is a bonus.

Interview Preparation

    A resume is only one part of being successful in a job interview with McDonald's. Managers of a McDonald's restaurant in Fremont, Ohio, recommend arriving 15 to 20 minutes early. When you arrive, tell the shift manager that you are there. Be ready to answer typical interview questions, such as why you want the job, your career ambitions, and your strengths and weaknesses. You should indicate your knowledge and passion about the industry. A restaurant manager also might ask how you've handled difficult customers in the past. The Fremont McDonald's recommends going over these answers with friends and family before the interview so they can critique your responses and offer advice and ideas.

Other Items to Bring

    In addition to a resume, the same McDonald's in Fremont, Ohio, recommends bringing a few additional items: a completed application, addresses and phone numbers of at least three references and a positive attitude. Bring a notepad so you can take notes during the interview. Also bring a list of questions to ask your interviewer. Some good questions include asking about training opportunities and opportunities for promotion. It's perfectly fine to ask when you will find out if you have been hired.

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