Career Objective for a Dialysis Technician

Patient care is a large part of a dialysis technician's job.
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Dialysis technicians provide tremendous care and support to patients undergoing dialysis treatment. These health care professionals are the primary, direct caregivers for dialysis patients. Main duties include testing dialysis machines, giving prescriptions to patients and responding to dialysis-related emergencies. If you are seeking a new position as a dialysis technician, a strong objective highlighting your assets can lead to interviews with potential employers.


    A good career objective includes pertinent information about your education. Since dialysis technicians must complete a state-approved program from a vocational school, hospital or college, providing details about your education can make you stand out from the competition. You may write: "A recent grad from Hunter Community College with state certification as a dialysis technician seeking a position at a hospital." If you are certified or licensed in a particular area of the field, adding this information to your objective can also be an asset. You might say: "A licensed dialysis technician specializing in hemodialysis seeking a position working at an out-patient facility."


    Provide details about how your particular experience with dialysis can be an asset to the employer.Your career objective should highlight information relating to the position. If an out-patient facility is looking for a professional with experience as a dialysis technician, you may write: "A health care professional with five years experience working as a dialysis technician at Methodist Out-patient Center seeking employment at out-patient facilities in Texas." If you are a recent grad with little experience, consider highlighting internships or volunteer work: "An intern at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital with experience working with senior citizens on dialysis seeking an entry level position as a dialysis technician."


    Your personal skills set you apart from other applicants. Before you write an objective focused on your skills, consider writing a list of your top five. For example, your strengths may include being a patient and helpful health care professional who enjoys the aspect of working directly with patients. Your objective might say: "To obtain a dialysis technician position where I can focus on my outstanding patient-care skills to provide quality health care." By specifying this, the potential employer will be able to discern what your particular strengths are compared with other candidates. If the employer is looking for strong patient care skills, this will set you apart.

Working Environment

    Since dialysis technicians work in diverse settings including hospitals, nursing homes and residential homes, you can provide information about your ideal working environment in your objective. If you are specifically looking for work in a nursing home located in the Northeast, your objective should include this information. You might state: "A dialysis technician with three years experience working with the elderly seeking a position at a nursing home located in the Northeast." The key to is to be specific about your experience in past work environments and your preference for future ones.

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