How to Parallel Slide With Rollerblades

A helmet and other protective gear will help reduce the risk of injury when attempting to learn new skills.
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A parallel slide is a way to stop quickly on rollerblades without using a brake; it is sometimes referred to as a two-skate stop. Its name is derived from the fact that your rollerblades are parallel to each other while you are sliding to a stop. This is very similar to the way hockey players stop quickly on the ice, except it is more difficult because you don’t have the smoother surface of the ice and you can’t scrape off the top layer of asphalt or concrete. Learning the proper technique is of utmost importance to avoid falling.

Step 1

Skate slowly in a straight line on a smooth and level paved surface.

Step 2

Begin coasting in a straight line and bend your knees.

Step 3

Turn both rollerblades sideways so that they are perpendicular to the direction you are traveling. Shift your weight back away from the direction of travel and bend your ankles sideways so that the sides of your rollerblades opposite the direction of travel are lower to the ground. Keep your arms up to help keep your balance.

Step 4

Use your last bit of momentum to shift your weight to a normal standing position as you stop with your toes still facing the same direction you changed to while doing the parallel slide.

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