Fixing the Split Nose of a Snowboard

A de-lam is when the lamination on the deck peels away from the base.
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Snowboarding is about as much fun as you can have on a winter day. You might find yourself sidelined, however, if you have a board that's not in tip-top shape. One of the most common failures that occurs with a snowboard is de-lamination of the deck, and that usually happens at the nose, causing splitting and peeling. De-lams don't affect the integrity of your board, but the more the loose lamination flops around, the more it peels. Fixing the split nose of a snowboard is easier than painting your nails.

Step 1

Raise the loose laminate off the base of the board, but do not further separate the part that is still attached. Rub the base of the board with sand paper until the rough edges of the epoxy that failed is flat. Pour alcohol on a paper towel and clean off the base of the board. Follow the same two steps with the underside of the laminate. Wipe the excess alcohol off the base and the laminate with a clean paper towel and allow whatever alcohol that remains to evaporate.

Step 2

Wipe straight lines of epoxy from one edge of the board to the other on the base, 1/8-inch thick and 1-inch apart. Wipe straight lines on the underside of the laminate that run perpendicular to the lines on the base with the same thickness and the same distance apart.

Step 3

Cut six 6-inch by 6-inch squares out of the foam padding. Lay four on the flat portion of the board below the curve of the nose -- two on the top and two on the bottom -- and secure them in place with C-clamps. Do not over-tighten the C clamps. Tighten them just enough to pinch the laminate down against the base of the board. Hold one piece of foam against the top of the curve of the nose and another against the bottom. Secure them in place with a C-clamp.

Step 4

Run a straight edge along the sides of the board and around the nose to remove any excess epoxy that your C-clams squeezed out. Allow the board to dry for 48 hours. Sand the sides of the board and around the nose to remove any epoxy you didn't get with the straight edge.

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