How to Motivate Yourself to Do the Elliptical

Staying positive is the best way to stay motivated on the elliptical.
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The elliptical machine can really work some magic. It's great for raising your heart rate, burning fat, building your endurance, strengthening your legs and even tightening your rear end. Sometimes, getting your rear end on the elliptical machine can be tough, though, as excitement and motivation begins to wane. By taking a few steps to get back into your groove, you'll be having fun and getting a great workout on the elliptical again.

    Step 1

    Schedule time each day or every few days to do your elliptical workout. Trying to spontaneously cram a workout into your day can be stressful, so set time aside that's devoted to working out.

    Step 2

    Mix up your elliptical workouts to keep it fun and fresh. Most elliptical machines have preset workout routines geared to help you lose weight, build endurance, strengthen your legs or tighten your rear end. Pick your favorites and rotate through the routines.

    Step 3

    Play some music to get you in the mood. Load your MP3 player with your favorite high-energy workout music to help you have fun and keep a good pace. You can also load a few calmer songs to help you warm up and cool down and keep your heart rate steady.

    Step 4

    Set attainable, realistic and measurable goals. If you're just beginning to use the elliptical, make a goal to use the machine three times a week, then build from there. If you're an elliptical veteran wanting to mix it up, make a goal to try a new, challenging workout for the next week.

    Step 5

    Ask a friend to join your elliptical workouts. Working out for an extended period of time is easier when you have a buddy right beside you at the gym. Challenge each other and, most of all, encourage each other.

    Step 6

    Stay positive during your elliptical workouts. It can be easy to become discouraged if you miss a goal, have an exhausting workout or just feel unmotivated. The best thing to do is adjust your attitude, hop on the machine and have a great workout.


    • Consult a physician before beginning any new diet or exercise regiment.

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