Meeting With My Boss on My Career Growth

Discussing your career goals can help you achieve them.
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Sometimes in the workplace, only troublemakers get noticed by management. Because of time constraints and busy schedules, managers often don't make time to discuss career goals with employees. However, it is important for employees to speak up and talk about their future ambitions in order to get ahead. After booking a meeting with your boss, focus on what you will say about your career and what it will take for you to get to where you want to be professionally.

Evaluating Your Performance

    Always check your ego at the door. If you are getting reviewed by your boss, listen graciously to both criticism and praise regarding your work before discussing your goals. If you scheduled the meeting, ask your boss for her opinion on your work to date. Inquire about your weaknesses and strengths so you can get a good picture on your progress. After discussing your current work, you can turn the conversation to your professional ambitions.

Speaking Up

    Don't be shy when talking about your career ambitions. Come to the meeting knowing exactly what you want to convey about your goals and what you would like to know. After sharing your goals with your boss, you can ask her what skills are needed to achieve your dream position. You can also inquire about how the company can help you grow professionally and lead you toward your future goal.

Setting Small Goals

    When you're wrapping up, summarize the main points that your boss has shared throughout the talk, including what she feels should be your next move in your career. If you agree her advice, break it down into small goals that can be spread out throughout the next six months. By dividing the goal into do-able achievements, you are giving yourself benchmarks to track your budding career.

Taking Control

    While two people's career paths are hardly ever identical, your boss may have valuable suggestions on how to accomplish your goals. After asking questions about your role in the company, priorities and opportunities for advancement, be sure to request a follow-up meeting to discuss your progress. If your boss is exceptionally busy, you can arrange contact via e-mail or a quick lunch. Keeping the lines of communication open at work will help you to take control of your career.

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