How to Improve Personal Competencies

Self-confidence is considered a competency.
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Personal competencies are personal traits and abilities that affect your results in the workplace and in life. According to the University of Pennsylvania Law School, personal competencies include self-awareness, drive, relationship skills and confidence. The sum of these skills is a good indicator of whether you will be successful as a manager or as an employee. There are ways to increase your competencies and help you to create a formula for success in nearly anything you attempt to do.

    Step 1

    Identify competencies that you currently have. Write them down and work on strengthening them. For example, if you have excellent relationship skills, try to build on that. Be friendly to those you don't know. Do something nice for a stranger. Take part in volunteer work for the homeless. Find ways to improve upon skills you already have.

    Step 2

    Make a list of the skills you would like to acquire or build upon. For example, if you want to increase your self-confidence, learn to accept yourself for who you are. Congratulate yourself on your successes, and help others. Set goals for developing those skills and stick with them. There will always be room for improving your skills, but work on adding new ones, too.

    Step 3

    Enroll in classes and seminars to help you to develop your personal competencies. Two examples are communications and ethics. Always be open for personal improvement, no matter what your age.

    Step 4

    Maintain a positive attitude and keep pushing forward. Staying motivated throughout a task will increase your self-confidence and provide you with greater self-esteem, which will carry over to all areas of your life.

    Step 5

    Look for new opportunities and take initiatives. Often, you learn best by doing.

    Step 6

    Commit to a program at a career development school. Many classes are available online for your convenience, A trained career counselor may be available to help you decide on the best classes to help make you more marketable to employers. Choose from a variety of programs including business, marketing, criminal justice and technology.

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