What Jobs in the Navy Come With a Signing Bonus?

A number of jobs in the Navy come with signing bonuses.
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Navy jobs, referred to as ratings, are selected for signing bonus based on demand and the number of qualified applicants. The Enlisted Bonus Source Rate Program specifies which jobs qualify each year. The program requires that you attend basic training during specified months and, in some cases, requires that you extend your service commitment by one year.

EOD Technicians

    Explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) technicians have one of the most dangerous jobs in the military. They locate, disarm, destroy and dispose of all types of explosives. The Navy offers an up to $8,000 enlistment bonus for sailors who qualify and commit to serve in this highly-skilled position. EOD technicians receive additional demolition pay once they start active duty, and many qualify for additional pay enhancements such as parachute and dive pay. EOD technicians must undergo some of the most rigorous training among all military occupations, with training in EOD, diving and parachuting. To qualify, candidates must be under 30 years old, must be eligible for security clearance and must meet sight, medical, strength and minimum Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery score requirements.

Nuclear Field Sailors

    Machinist's mates, electrician's mates and electronics mates in the nuclear field are eligible for signing bonuses of up to $12,000. Sailors in the nuclear field deal with the maintenance, operations and control of nuclear powered submarines and aircraft carriers. Aside from training for their rating, nuclear field sailors must attend Naval Nuclear Power School and Nuclear Power Training Unit programs, which last six months each. Candidates must be high school graduates under the age of 25 with at least a year of coursework in algebra and must be eligible for security clearance.

Navy Divers

    Navy divers take part in underwater missions in all conditions. These missions include search and rescue, demolition, salvage, security and maintenance missions. Candidates who qualify for navy diver ratings are eligible for signing bonuses of up to $8,000, as well as additional dive pay during active duty. Candidates must meet a number of requirements related to sight, strength, security clearance and minimum ASVAB scores. Once qualified, navy divers must attend 32 days of electrical and engineering training at Naval Training Command and 70 days of dive training at the Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center in Florida.

Extended Enlistment

    A number of navy ratings that require advanced training qualify for enlistment bonuses through the Extended Enlistment Bonus program. To qualify, sailors must extend their enlistment contract to six years, instead of the standard four. Electrician's mates, damage controlmen, machinery repairmen, hull technicians, enginemen and machinist's mates qualify for a $5,000 bonus. Information systems technicians qualify for a $3,000 bonus.

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