Careers in the Army Reserves

Women in the Reserve have no shortage of career options.
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In 2011, 62,473 women served in the U. S. Army Reserve, making up a respectable 21.6 percent of its total numbers, according to The Women's Memorial. While exactly how many of those ladies decided to make a career of the Reserve is unknown, it is well-known that the service offers a wide variety of jobs -- many of which reflect gigs you'd find in the civilian world -- alongside a solid lineup of benefits.

Types of Careers

    The Army Reserve offers myriad careers, which it divides into nine basic categories: administrative support, intelligence and combat support, arts and media, legal and law enforcement, mechanics, computers and technology, medical and emergency, construction and engineering and transportation and aviation. Among these categories, you can find career opportunities ranging from financial manager to lawyer to musician, and just about everything else in-between.


    With dozens of different positions available, each type of job in the Reserve comes with its own share of qualifications. However, you'll have to meet some general requirements to hold any position in the Army Reserve. These requirements are pretty basic -- you must be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident alien, and you have to be in the age range of 17 to 35. Likewise, the Reserve requires you to be in good health, capable physical condition and “good moral standing," according to its website. Some careers in the Reserve are available only to officers, while others are available to any enlisted man or woman.

Careers Division

    The U.S. Army Reserve Careers Division seeks to bolster the skills of the Reserve's forces via expanding the career opportunities of enlisted men and women. This division employs more than 1,400 Career Counselors, as of 2013, as well as a handful of Career Management Officers who advise Army Reserve soldiers in areas such as career awareness, educational requirements and career path progression.


    With any career in the Army Reserve, you'll receive basic Reserve benefits, including educational assistance, health care and insurance, job certification programs and retirement plans, all in addition to your wage. To begin investigating careers in the Reserve, your first step is finding a local recruiter -- visit the Army's official site to find the nearest one.

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