Jobs for Extroverts

Sales is a common position for extroverted people.
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Picking the right career for you is about more than just considering your skills. If your personality doesn't mesh with your job, you'll need to adapt quickly or face being miserable. When selecting a career, think about your personality type. If you've got a bubbly, extroverted personality, a job dealing with people will be far more rewarding than one in which you spend long hours working by yourself.

Sales Jobs

    Outgoing, extroverted people often succeed in many types of sales jobs because they aren't intimidated to talk to people they haven't previously met. Likewise, consumers will often gravitate toward extroverted people in sales because of their cheerful demeanor. If possible, seek a job in an area about which you're passionate; if you enjoy fashion, a sales job in a clothing store is a logical choice and if you're athletic, apply at a sporting goods company. Long-term careers in sales include residential and commercial real estate, advertising sales for media companies and product sales for any type of business.

Medical and Health Jobs

    Many types of medical and health jobs are often ideal for extroverts, given that you spend your day dealing with a long list of patients. Medical jobs to consider include such positions as doctors, dentists, nurses, orthodontists, pharmacists and paramedics. Suitable health-related jobs include working as a chiropractor, massage therapist, occupational therapist or athletic trainer. Jobs in medicine require a lengthy amount of schooling, but if you're passionate about such topics as science and enjoy working with people, this type of career is ideal.

Public Service Jobs

    People who opt for careers in which they deal with people throughout the day are more likely to succeed if they're extroverts. If you have a deep desire to help people in any capacity, consider working as a police officer, firefighter, teacher, mediator or member of the clergy. Police officers and firefighters meet new people daily, while teachers typically work with the same group of students and peers throughout the year, but each of these jobs provides a needed service to any community.

Other Jobs

    If you're an extrovert with a creative side, consider a career in acting or music. People who are passionate about creating change often gravitate toward jobs in politics, even at a grassroots level by leading a community or parents' group. People who work as accountants, lawyers or designers often spend significant time alone, but must be able to work with members of the public, and in the case of a career in law, speak in front of a group.

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