Careers for Social Butterflies

If you love meeting  people, find a career that suits your outgoing personality.
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If you were born with the gift of gab, you can make a living by putting your social skills to good use. Your natural ability to charm people and engage in conversation can be just the traits that set you apart for career success. From corporate life to sales, you may find that your networking skills, speaking ability and energy level can help you get and stay ahead of the pack.

Public Relations

    Public relations specialists make a living developing and defending the good reputations of companies and organizations. As a social butterfly, image-building comes naturally to you, so consider taking your talents to the corporate world. Find work at large or mid-sized corporations that employ their own PR staff, or go to work at a PR agency. Either way, you’ll be doing a lot of talking, meeting new people and helping a company put its best foot forward.


    If your social nature is accompanied by a desire to make a difference in your community, state or country, consider going into politics. Few other careers involve shaking as many hands and attending as many events as politics, especially during campaign season. As you work to effect change and uphold laws, you’ll meet new people almost daily and learn how to make their lives better.


    With your ability to network, make connections and charm an audience, sales can be a lucrative career choice. When you find a product that excites you and that you want to bring to others, consider joining the sales team behind that product. With your passion for what you’re selling and your ability to generate excitement in others, you’ll enjoy talking with customers for a living and bringing helpful products into their lives.

Non-Profit Work

    Social butterflies can be a tremendous asset to any non-profit organization. With your people skills and networking ability, you’ll find it easy to share your passion for a helpful cause and generate that same excitement in others. Because non-profits are financed by donated funds, you can help the organization stay afloat -- and even thrive -- financially by fundraising and planning benefit events.

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