Types of Jobs for the Disabled

Disabilities don't need to limit employment opportunities.
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Thanks to technological advances in devices that aid disabled people and federal laws that require workplace accommodations, a world of jobs and careers is open to people with physical or mental disabilities. Applicants who have the right skills, education and training and who can perform the essential functions of the job with or without accommodations should be able to land the right employment and make a success of it.


The CareerCast Jobs Rated report finds a number of medical-related jobs and careers appropriate for people with disabilities, including physician assistant, which had a median salary in 2012 of $86,510 and offers the possibility of working with others who have similar conditions. Other health care jobs include a medical technologist working in a doctor’s office or hospital; pharmaceutical sales representative; and pharmacy technician. Disabled people can also become licensed practical nurses and nurse’s aides.


Consulting positions are especially appropriate for people with disabilities. Management consultant positions paid a median salary in 2012 of $78,160, according to CareerCast. Accountants and auditors are also desirable jobs for disabled people. Companies looking for insight into how to sell their products seek market research analysts. Disabled people in vocational counselor jobs can help others with disabilities find suitable work. Other office jobs that disabled people might find appropriate are administrative assistant, data entry clerk, file clerk, office manager and receptionist.


CareerCast recommends telecommunications equipment specialist for people with disabilities, especially tech-savvy candidates who have the right training and experience. Telecom jobs paid a median salary in 2012 of $54,710. Software developers are also in demand, with 30-percent job growth predicted.

Service Jobs

The Careers for People with Disabilities organization suggests dozens of jobs, including everything from bus driver and school bus monitor to cashier, child care attendant, clothing salesperson, fitting room attendant and sales clerk, floral designer and horticulture worker, advertising sales representative and survey taker.


Self-employment, home-based businesses or small-business ownership can be ideal job solutions for people with disabilities. Self-employment careers include writing and website design and development, medical coder and customer service clerk, while small businesses range from house-sitting services to financial consulting, tax accounting, hair dresser and law practice. The Job Accommodation Network offers assistance to people with disabilities in planning and financing home-based businesses, e-commerce and other services.

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