Factors That Impact Workplace Morale

A disgruntled employee is not a good thing for any company.
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You hate your job. You're overworked and underappreciated, so rather than doing your best every day, you phone it in and pray for the end of your shift. That attitude is a common problem for businesses, as low morale can lead to poor performance, strained customer relations and high staff turnover .

Poor Leadership

    Managers with poor interpersonal skills or who do not understand a company's ecosystem can easily rub employees the wrong way. Moreover, when managers and executives are seen as narcissistic, micro-managing, passive-aggressive or autocratic, employee morale can suffer because workers begin feeling like cogs in a machine rather than valued workers.

Unstable Work Environment

    Whenever the economy takes a hit, companies usually must to do more with less, and often that "less" means fewer employees. But just because the staff shrinks, the workload does not. The one-two punch of witnessing diminishing staff and the suddenly increased workload can wreak havoc on the morale of employees.

No Advancement

    At one time, the main way to get ahead in a corporation was to start at the bottom and work your way through the ranks to a leadership position. But these days, according to HumanResourcesIQ, most executives and senior managers join a company from executive positions at competitor organizations. When lower-level employees see no way to climb the ladder, there is little inspiration for them to work hard for managers who make significantly more money.

Poor Training

    Companies often short-cut training programs for new employees, but when employees are poorly trained in the policies, goods, services or practices of a business, they are unable to do their jobs effectively. Consequently, they are unable to help customers and clients properly. This can often lead to frustration, decreased productivity, increased errors, and low employee morale.

The Effects of Low Morale

    Signs of low employee morale range from the subtle to the overt. According to Roberts Wesleyan College, employees with low morale will often show it through increased absenteeism, tensions with co-workers, insubordination, messy work stations and consistently complaining about the job. Leaders can help repair morale issues by allowing employees to voice their concerns in staff meetings or through other avenues of employee feedback, such as surveys or suggestion programs.

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