Job Description of a Promotional Model

Promotional models are used for various marketing events.
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A promotional model's main job function is just at the title describes, to promote a company's products or services. Also known as a brand ambassador, they could work at a bar event, on a convention floor or at an automobile show. When you're a promotional model, you spend a lot of time on your feet, so invest in some comfy shoes. Confidence and charm take you a long way in this field, and it could be a fun side job or one you can turn into a career.


    Promotional models come from various backgrounds. A high school diploma is typically required, but many promotional models are college educated as well. These increased qualifications are even sought out by some companies looking to fill specific needs. No certifications are usually required, but you may need a background in the area you're seeking to promote.

Promotion and Marketing

    When you're hired as a promotional model, your main job is to market a product or service for the company that hires you. Successful marketing entails using some sales techniques, so if you're good at convincing people to do things, a job as a promotional model might work for you. As a model in promotions, marketing may mean distributing energy drinks to convention attendees or pointing out the features of a new car at an auto show. This is where being outgoing comes in handy. There's not a lot of room for shyness in promotional modeling.

Product Knowledge

    Promoting a product or service means you'll need to know a lot of information about what you're representing. The better you are at memorizing details and recalling them on your feet, the more successful you'll be at promotional modeling. Charm goes a long way, too, but if you can't remember the ingredients of the drink mix you're promoting, your supervisor will not be impressed. The higher-end jobs may even require more technical knowledge, but some level of memorization is required regardless.


    As a promotional model you not only present products and services to the public but you are also presenting yourself. Companies seek out certain looks, and sometimes that means a particularly attractive appearance. But each business has its own requirements, so this is not always the case. Regardless of the look a company desires, being well-groomed, stylish and well-spoken is crucial for successful promotional modeling.

Marketing Yourself

    As with any modeling job, it's important to have a professional portfolio when you work regularly as a promotional model. A few candid photographs are acceptable, but make sure you include some professional photographs. Have pictures taken yearly so that they reflect your current look. Also, monitor your image on social media so that it stays professional and is something you won't be embarrassed by if your clients visit your site.

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