How to Become a Model for Fruit of the Loom

A good portfolio is key to securing a modeling contract with Fruit of the Loom.
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Fruit of the Loom sells loungewear, casual wear and underwear for men, women, and children. The cornucopia of fruit on the label is the company's recognizable symbol along with the Fruit of the Loom guys. Four actors portray the fruits prominently featured in the company’s logo. Although well known for men’s undergarments, the company also promotes comfortable underwear for women. The ads are distinguishable because of the use of unconventional models. Becoming a model for Fruit of the Loom isn’t easy but it is not out of reach since the company actively targets average women in its advertising.

Prepare for Your Close-Up

    Becoming a model for any customer requires tenacity, discipline and some well-placed genes. Fruit of the Loom uses plus-sized models in its ads for the Fit for You product line; these models typically are a size 10 to 16. If you are less than a size 12, you could perhaps model other Fruit of the Loom products. You need to be proportionate in height and weight. When it comes to modeling most fashion models are 5-foot-9. Print and catalog advertisers sometimes recruit shorter models so Fruit of the Loom may be an option if you do not meet the height requirements.

Construct a Portfolio

    You will need to show prospective agents and clients how you look in pictures. That’s the purpose of a portfolio. Since your goal is to model for Fruit of the Loom, adding tasteful shots in casual underwear will help booking agents see your potential. Spending a fortune on pictures is not recommended but you do want to have some professional photos of your face and body. A portfolio serves as a model’s business card.

Find an Agency

    Armed with your portfolio, finding an agent is the next stop in becoming a Fruit of the Loom model. Agents are responsible for putting your face in front of prospective clients. It is important to research the agency first to see which clients they service. For example both Ford Modeling Agency and One Source Talent provide models to Fruit of Loom. Applying to an agency involves submitting an application, usually online, with a photo. Ford Modeling Agency does open casting calls in some cities such as New York and Miami.

Enter a Contest

    In some instances, portfolios and agencies are not needed to make it as a model. Sometimes you luck out. Fruit of the Loom has found models for its ads by holding contests that seek average people, usually not professional models, to feature the company’s newest product lines. In 2012, the company held, The Next Big Move Contest, whereby finalists were chosen via votes on social media. Auditions were held in large cities across the United States. To learn about upcoming contests, sign up for the company’s newsletter on its website.

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