The Model Booker Job Description

A model booker matches the model with assignments.
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The model booker has a front row view of the exciting fashion industry. Since the first modeling agencies opened in the 1920s, model bookers have matched their clients with jobs. As a booker, part of your day is spent locating new models and placing established ones on assignments, but you also have other duties. Aside from working with models themselves, you also represent your agency to the public eye. To achieve success as a booker, being assertive and well-organized comes in handy. It's a fun job with many tasks, and some are more obvious than others.


    A model booker is always on the lookout for more talent. Finding more candidates is accomplished through large events like open calls and smaller events by invitation. However, you may find your newest face for modeling simply by having dinner out one night or buying a movie ticket. Some of the most famous models in the world were discovered by a booker through fate at their everyday jobs.


    Once talent is found, the interviewing process begins. The model booker uses her experience in the industry to determine if a candidate has what it takes to be successful. The booker looks at individual pictures and portfolios to ascertain if the candidate is photogenic enough to be bookable. Personality matters, too, so as a booker, you'll also determine how teachable and amiable a new prospect may be.

Booking Assignments

    After models are signed up, the booker sends them on assignments. This process involves reviewing the details of the new job and matching them up with the statistics and qualities of an agency's established group of models. Developing your sense of awareness and paying close attention to detail will serve you in this capacity. The booker looks not only at factual information but also follows her gut instinct and experience to determine what model best fits an assignment. Negotiating terms of contracts may also be in the job description as a model booker.

Ending Contracts

    A model booker also has the dreaded job of informing a model that her services are no longer needed. She may do this by regularly weeding out his database of once viable representatives or by more abrupt means. A booker receives the complaints if a model is chronically late or otherwise unprofessional. When this happens, you must take the disciplinary action necessary, which could include altogether releasing a model from the agency.

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