How to Be a Diversity Consultant

Bring together different backgrounds and experience to boost your business success.
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It can be extremely difficult for a company to identify the assets that it is lacking. As a diversity consultant, you will help client companies to identify and correct gaps in the diversity of employee background and experience. To succeed, you need to merge your understanding of cultures and business and demonstrate your command of communication and community networking abilities and that you are deserving of personal trust.

    Step 1

    Develop experience in business management. While you will be an expert in the skills of employees -- human capital -- and how that relates to diversity, you need the expertise to practice in the broader context of business. Consider earning a master's of business administration, or MBA, degree. Reputation and credentials matter greatly if you are a consultant.

    Step 2

    Focus always on delivering business results and refrain from pursuing diversity purely for it own sake. While diversity can be its own reward, your client and their bosses are rewarded when they deliver profit to a business and its shareholders. It is not success to increase diversity in a way that may drive up labor costs and reduce a business's ability to remain competitive. Emphasize expanding diversity along the dimensions where it is most suited to improve business performance and reduce operational risk.

    Step 3

    Research the diversity present in your client's business and the diversity present in leading competitors as well as customer segments. Diversity does not only include ethnicity, but also education, innate abilities, regional background and interests.

    Step 4

    Develop methods both to improve diversity in the areas where it is lacking as well as to make diversity an overall goal in the hiring process. For example, you may specifically look to recruit employees from Asia in preparation for expansion of sales of manufacturing there. On the other hand, teach the company how to perform regular diversity reviews in order to keep diversity in mind during general hiring.

    Step 5

    Teach employees of your client companies both how to be more accepting of diverse coworkers as well as to get the most business benefits from the company's diversity. Emphasize the rewards for embracing diversity, including increased business success, improved problem-solving and therein, bigger bonuses.

    Step 6

    Maintain professional contact with community centers, educators, professional associations and any other entities that can help you reach and recruit more diverse employees in the area in which your clients are lacking.

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