Cover Letter for an Assistant Banquet Manager

Banquet managers help with all aspects of banquet planning, from aesthetic details to planning menus.
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Assistant banquet managers usually work for large restaurants, banquet facilities, or major hotels and resorts. They have many duties included in their job description, including hiring and supervising employees; setting up banquets and coordinating events; ordering and coordinating the maintenance of equipment; developing banquet menus; and monitoring and controlling food and staffing costs. An assistant banquet manager can effectively highlight and market her skills through a well-written cover letter.

Developing a Resume

    Applicants rarely turn in a cover letter without a resume, since cover letters are meant to highlight and emphasize specific skills and abilities listed on the resume. Develop a resume, then write the cover letter for the assistant banquet manager position. Highlight two or three key aspects of your education and two to three key aspects of your work history that you feel would be especially beneficial for the position.

Letter Formatting and Organization

    Cover letters typically have four paragraphs. The first paragraph explains how you found out about the position and why you feel you are a good candidate. The second and third paragraphs focus on your education and work experience. Finally, the last paragraph should have a polite request for an interview, reiterate important contact information, and thank the recruiter or human resource manager for her time.

Highlighting Skills and Abilities

    It is important not to attempt to discuss everything on your resume when you write your cover letter. This would be overwhelming for the reader and will not sell your key strengths and experiences effectively. Instead, discuss the key aspects of your education and employment that make you a good candidate for the assistant banquet manager position, such as previous restaurant management experience, previous experience working in banquets, and/or any training or education you have received in hospitality management.

Proofreading and Revising

    Proofread your cover letter and resume carefully, or have a colleague or friend do it for you. Look for errors in grammar and sentence structure as well as formatting. Although you will probably not do a lot of writing as an assistant banquet manager, recruiters often view errors as showing a lack of professionalism and an inability to pay attention to detail. This is a serious liability for someone who wishes to become an assistant banquet manager.

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