How to Introduce Yourself in an Email for a Job Opening

Don't let awkward stumbling leave your resume unread.
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An email job application lacks the personality of your smile or handshake. Facing stiff competition, you need to make a swift and powerful impression just to get your resume read. It can be a difficult balance to achieve the best introduction; you don't want to fall into the "Hi, my name is," rut, but you don't want to try something too exotic. Focus on what the hiring manager would like to see for your most effective intro.

    Step 1

    Create an informative and interesting subject line for your email. No hiring manager is going to read an email with the subject "Job Application." If you have a great headline on your resume, use that. Your subject line should give your qualifications and the job you are applying for, such as, "Adventurous MBA, 7 Years Experience for Marketing Director."

    Step 2

    Open with a personal greeting. Avoid using "To Whom It May Concern," if you do not know the name of the recipient. Instead use "Dear Reader" for a more personal tone.

    Step 3

    State in your first sentence how you can be the right job candidate and lead the company to success. The reader can tell your name from your signature or the From address on your email. Don't waste you important first sentence telling the reader your name. Try opening along these lines: "I'm aiming to bring my record of success at Successful University and Success Corp. to your Success manager position."

    Step 4

    Give the reader a three- to four-sentence run-down of your skill set and why you're qualified for the job. Consider the email content an appetizer for your attached cover letter and resume.

    Step 5

    Close with your name and a signature that includes your contact information, including email and phone number. Make it easy for an interested hiring manger to get in touch.

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