How to Reply to an Interview Notification

Send your reply promptly to signal your enthusiasm for the job.
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It’s a welcome surprise amid the promotional emails in your in-box: a notification of a job interview. More companies are turning to e-mail notifications because it’s an efficient form of communication, especially if they are interviewing multiple applicants. Once received, you should reply in a brief, concise manner that reinforces your enthusiasm for the open position. So take a deep breath, pull your thoughts together and above all: send your reply promptly. Give yourself every advantage to succeed – and then land the job.

    Step 1

    Address your reply to the person who signed the interview notification. Use a formal salutation, such as “Dear Mr.” or “Dear Dr. ” Address the person by her full name, not just her first.

    Step 2

    Begin your reply with enthusiasm – it’s contagious – and also with purpose. You might say, for example, “I am delighted to hear that you would like to meet with me at (time, day and date) to discuss the (open position) at (name of company). Please consider this my acceptance of your invitation.”

    Step 3

    Note that you will be happy to bring along materials such as your resume, references and work portfolio, if relevant. Ask that the person contact you if she requires any other information. This short but sweet paragraph demonstrates that you think ahead and strive to be prepared.

    Step 4

    Express your enthusiasm for the position and your belief that you could make “valuable contributions” to the company and its mission. Expand on and illustrate your point, but keep this section brief and don’t repeat, word for word, the verbiage you already used in your cover letter.

    Step 5

    Close your reply by saying that you are looking forward to meeting the recipient and talking with her about the position and the company.

    Step 6

    Write a formal closing for your reply, such as “Sincerely,” and type your full name. Put your phone number underneath your name.

    Step 7

    Read your reply letter forwards, backwards and out loud to ensure that it contains no errors. Remember that this will probably be your last communication with the company until the interview, so make this impression a positive and professional one.


    • Send a thank-you e-mail within 24 hours of your interview notification.

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