How to Buy Indian Hair As a Cosmetologist

Achieving this breezy look comes easily with the addition of Indian hair.
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Female customers enter salons every week, clutching pictures of movie stars and other celebrities, requesting that the stylist make the impossible happen. In order to transform a humdrum bob into long flowing tresses, stylists depend on a variety of tools; brushes, dyes and hair weaves. Buying hair for weaves, is not as simple as you may imagine, especially since the majority of human hair weaves comes from India.

Indian Hair's Importance

Many women enter a beauty salon each day asking for hair longer or thicker than what is currently residing on their heads. Weaves, wigs, and clip-ins work to accomplish this. Weaves made from Indian hair are highly sought after because they blend so well with different ethnicities. Women from other Asian countries like China and Japan have long lustrous hair also, but their hair lies flat and doesn’t adapt well to styling. Curling or dying Indian hair is easy, making it the go-to hair for most stylists. Two choices exist for cosmetologists to purchase: Remy, which means from the scalp, and non-Remy, hair that is cut and has no root. A full weave made up of Indian Remy hair can cost more than $3,000 in some salons.

Indian Hair Trade

Indian women undergo hair shaving in temples as a sacrifice to the church. The temples sell the hair and the money is used to maintain the temple. In India, a woman’s hair is her pride and joy so great care is taken during the growing process. The result is strong hair that has no dyes and often has not been treated with chemicals as the women prefer using natural products to cleanse their hair. Hair brokers purchase the hair directly from the temples.

Buying the Hair

Cosmetologists can purchase Indian hair from a local beauty supply store or through online wholesale dealers. But the best way to purchase authentic Indian hair is to find a broker in India. The brokers purchase the hair at auctions held across India. Dealing directly with the broker gives you direct access to the product and ensures that you are getting a premium product. Be prepared to pay up to $250 or more per bundle of hair. You can locate a broker via online or through trade magazines.


As a cosmetologist you have a license to service your clients. In some states that license may not extend to selling hair to your clients. You may need to obtain a separate business license in order to sell Indian hair to your clients. Some cosmetologists bundle the cost of the hair in with the service to weave it in. This may be against state regulations, depending on where you live. Some states require taxes to be charged if a client receives any tangible property, and a weave is tangible. So check the regulations in your state to make sure you are in compliance.

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